I’ve been interested in photography since junior high school – so about 45 years now.  I studied photography and political science at Colorado College. My first teachers there were Mark Johnstone, Ben Benschneider, and Frank Gohlke. I had the pleasure and honor of working with Frank following college, and then received my MFA in photography at Yale University School of Art, in 1987. I moved back to Colorado after that, and worked for fifteen years at University of Colorado at Boulder, where I was the chief university photographer. I continued pursuing my own work during that period, and Robert Adams, fellow Colorado front-ranger (and documenter of my growing up landscape, Denver, Colorado) became an important and cherished friend and critic in those days. Since moving to Asheville in 2002, I’ve continued documenting the landscape and the people of my home range, and began, in 2004, photographing at Hickory Nut Gap Farm, in nearby Fairview. That project came together in a gorgeous book (if I may say so myself), titled, Useful Work: Photographs of Hickory Nut Gap Farm, and includes more than eighty full page color reproductions, as well as my preface and three essays by Asheville historian and writer Rob Neufeld. There are photographs on this website from the Hickory Nut Gap project, as well as from Mrs. Hyatt’s Oprahouse, a now departed but once storied backyard garage where, for over fifty years folks gathered weekly to play old time and country music, do some clogging, and have a darn fine potluck. There’s a music cd and booklet of photographs available of that (contact me or Harvest records). You’ll also see evidence on this site of my interest in aerial photography (Low Elevation Aerial Photography, or LEAP). I use a helium-filled, tethered balloon to lift a high definition Sony full frame mirrorless camera to a few hundred feet elevation, and make aerial panoramic images. You can email me or give me call me – 828-301-1657.

Ken Abbott's CV

Photo by Pattiy Torno, Asheville, NC