I grew up along Colorado’s Front Range, and studied photography with Frank Gohlke as an undergraduate at Colorado College in the late 70s. I received my MFA in Photography at Yale School of Art, in 1987. I was chief photographer in publications and media relations at University of ColoradoBoulder for fifteen years, during which time I met and showed work regularly to the photographer and writer Robert Adams. Both Gohlke and Adams have been my long time mentors in photography.

In 2002 my wife, daughter, and I moved to Asheville, NC. In2006 I received a North Carolina Artists Fellowship for work I published in 2015, a book called, Useful Work: Photographs of Hickory Nut Gap Farm, about a historic farm and a remarkable family in Fairview, NC.

Last year a panoramic image I made using a balloon/kite to lift a camera, of a Kentucky town below a mountaintop removal mine, was included in American Geography, at SFMOMA, Sandra Phillips, curator emerita. 

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